We like donuts.

Donuts play a role in every event we produce. When a client signs a service agreement and we begin work on the project, he/she or the company office receive a delivery of donuts from John/Perry Events. Really good donuts. Never from a chain shop. Nothing against them. But as a new company developing a strong client list of start-ups and small to medium sized companies, we look for the “donutpreneur” in each town.

One of our Executive Producer’s started this sweet brand tradition. Jenny Higgs, who is the independent contractor owning our Nashville office, is on a quest to find the best donut shop in every town she visits.
She seems to be working very hard at this.

For those of us who prefer our blood sugar to remain relatively stable [me!], doughnuts are an occasional treat—nutritionally bankrupt delicious fried dough laced with flavors from chocolate to strawberry jelly, bacon to bergamot [The Downton Abbey donut at Dunn-Well Donuts in Brooklyn has Earl Grey frosting]. Seriously good. More on this later.

Jenny likes donuts because it takes her back to those easy, relaxed, carefree days of youth when going to Shipley’s Donuts on a Sunday morning and choosing which donut to enjoy was actually one of your decisions to be made that day. It was important. It meant something. A poor choice could ruin the day. It had to be PERFECT.

Much like every decision in event production. Each experience happens once. Make a good choice.
And then choice number two came. To dunk or not to dunk? Jenny would get chocolate milk on those childhood trips and not dunk. Usually with a traditional glazed donut, maple glazed, or a jelly glazed. As a kid, I always liked regular milk and a chocolate donut, and dunk it!

If you know a little about the history of modern-age donuts, then the donut is the perfect sweet treat for an event planner to give to his/her client. Made by the Salvation Army “Lassies”.

And distributed to hungry, well-deserving young soldiers in WWI, the simple powdered sugar fried donut was a welcomed treat and a remembrance of home and safety. It helped lift their spirits and keep them satiated for the task at hand.
The symbolism of the modern donut as a gifting treat remains the same on a lesser scale of life importance. Here’s a little gift of support. We are here to help. It will be OK. Your event will be a great experience.

National Donut Day is celebrated on the first Friday of June each year created by The Salvation Army in Chicago in 1938 to honor those of their members who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I.
Although our new events company web site is launching in April 2018, we thought it appropriate to have our official company launch day as National Donut Day. What can we say? We are planners and the connection just makes sense.
So welcome to John/Perry – bespoke events & brand experiences. Founded on National Donut Day – June 1st 2018. Yep! The first of June is the first Friday. It’s perfect.

If you are our client in the New York City area and donuts are to be incorporated into the event, or you receive your client delivery, there is a very good chance the donuts will be made by Dunn-Well Donuts [ shown in the picture. ]



Dan Dunbar and Christopher Hallowell have created a small shop of donut joy in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn [222 Montrose Ave] and now expanded to shop #2 on the lower east side [102 St. Marks St]. Handcrafted daily, with organic ingredients, and with a stalwart commitment to quality and creativity, these donuts are 100% vegan. Yes, donuts free of animal or animal derived ingredients. You’d never tell the difference if I had not just written that info. THEY ARE JUST REALLY GOOD DONUTS. Period.

So if you live or work in the NYC area, and are in need of a trio of hard working, smart, professional, well-qualified, fun event planners who you want to work with you to build your private or corporate experience. Call us. And you’ll get some amazing vegan donuts delivered.
Because donuts are like events. Each one unique, creative, and so very fun to experience!

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